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Gyeongju- my wedding destination

Whenever people hear I will get married abroad, they think about Mauritius, Maldives, Hawaii, Bali, Seychelles or some other beach side locations. So when I mention I will get married in Gyeongju in Korea, they usually feel  the location is even more exotic than the places which first came across their minds.

Za slovensko verzijo kliknite tu.

The reason why we have chosen Gyeongju as our wedding ceremony location, is because my husband’s family originates from that historical Korean city.

So here I am presenting some of the most famous spots in case you ever want to visit it.

Where is Gyeongju?

Gyeongju is located in southeast part of Korea which is in the terms of tourist resources the richest area in the country. It takes 3 to 4 hours to come from Seoul to Gyeongju by train or bus. Gyeongju is 2500 years old city and for almost 1000 years it was the capital of Silla dynasty. It has 4 UNESCO spots and it is a must for all fans of history. As the city has so many historical places and spots, it is also called as a museum without walls.

What to see?

Cheomseongdae; the oldest existing astronomical observatory in Asia. It was constructed during the reign of Queen Seondeok (between years 632-647) and they used it for weather forecast and to observe the stars. The tower is listed as national treasure.

The oldest existing astronomical observatory in Asia

Tumuli park and ancient tombs; the word tumuli comes from the Latin and it means small hill or mound. In the tomb of Heavenly Horse  found more then 15000 treasures, which include a golden crown and a girdle and they are now exhibited at the Gyeongju national museum.

Royal tombs

Anjapi pond; a beautiful location where Silla royal family spent their free time. I would advise to come and see it in the dark, so you can enjoy amazing reflection of the trees, buildings and light in the water.

Water reflection

Bulguksa temple and Seogkugram Grotto; both of them are on UNESCO’s world heritage list. Seokguram is considered as one of the finest shrines of Buddha in the world. Bulguksa Temple is one of the most famous temples in Korea and it is a testimony to skills of Silla architects and the depth of Buddhist faith. I haven’t visited them last year, so both of them are now on my list for the upcoming April.

Bomun Danji; amazing lake resort with luxurious hotels, golf courses, dining facilities, hot spring and even amusement park. Maybe we will do some photo shooting in the wedding dress there.

Hwanglidan Gil– street with souvenirs and bars

Yangdong village; Korean’s largest traditional village and it is also listed on UNESCO world heritage list. Charles, Prince of Wales visited it in 1993. The village has more then 160 hanoks and 54 of them are over 200 years old.

My husbands’s traditional hanok house; you can stay a night in their 450 years old traditional house and visit a small museum about their family history. But don’t get surprised- don’t dream that you will  sleep on huge royal bed in Korean traditional house; you will sleep comfortably on the floor mat spread on… the floor of course. 🙂

Calligraphy book from museum
Statues at my my husband’s family traditional house
Place for overnight
Hanok stay

Let me know if you travel to Korea and you wish to visit Gyeongju. 🙂


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