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Before travel (to South Korea)

In the week before departure I always do the same things, no matter how seriously I promise to myself I will do them earlier next time. This year the travel to South Korea is even more unique and needed some special preparation, as the main reason for the visit is our wedding ceremony. At the same time, we will first time travel as a family by plane- our daughter is only 8 months old So here I am presenting my ‘before travel routine’.

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  1. Bank cards and currency

It has been keep on happening that I have had forgotten my pin number while I travel and I always spread money on different bank accounts for double safety. But sometimes my brain help me to save some money when I completely forget my pin number and I cannot withdraw the money.  And one thing which I never do before travelling- I never change the currency in my home country; because it is usually not even possible- for example our banks don’t exchange Korean wons in Slovenia.

  1. Mobile operators

I have a very unique mobile package, which includes 1GB roaming out of European countries. I know South Korea is very well covered with wifi, but I feel better to know I can use roaming anyway. Everytime before I go to travel (even to the countries I visited before), I always consult with my mobile operator staff to see if there are any new changes. I check who is their partner’s mobile operator in the country I am going to. Price for calls, data transfer and sms can be skyhigh, so always take a time to know your phone in advance, to prevent that it connects automatically to the foreign network.

  1. Memory on SD card

I always transfer the pictures from my last trip, travel or journey just few days before I go to the new one. It takes hours to do so and currently all my USBs don’t have enough space to transfer over 9000 videos and pictures. Luckily I keep one external disc at home too.

  1. Delete all pictures and videos

After I transfer all pictures and videos to computer or external disc, I never delete them from my phone at the same day. I am keep on checking if they have been really copied to the new source and if everything works well. Only few hours before leaving (usually on the way to the airport), I decide to delete some of them, because my memory card is completely full and I seriously cannot take a single shot anymore. Any readers among you, who are better organized and can give me some tips?

  1. Gifts

I wish to change my habit about gifts too. Until now, I always prepare them only a week before departure and I am always angry with myself that I didn’t take more time to work more on it.

  1. Vaccine’s book

This time it will be the first flight travel for us as a family.  Recently there was an epidemy with measles in South Korea, so she had to had to be vaccinated a bit earlier than usually to protect her. If I don’t carry the proof of it (small yellow book where all vaccines are notified), she could be refused to enter the country.

  1. Valid documents

Just before departure I always check the embassy or other government’s webpages about requirements for entering the foreign (overseas or countries which are not in EU) lands in case there are some last minutes changes and new requirements have been issued. I think I have been ‘trained’ by China, as I visited it many times and they can always change their rules and restrictions.

  1. Wedding dress and shoes

This time I already had some nightmares that I forgot to pack some things for the wedding. My recent dreams were related to the moment when I arrived to South Korea and unpacked things. I discovered I only brought  one shoe… Ohh, how horrible that feeling was. I still am not completely sure how and where I will carry the wedding dress, but luckily I have few more hours for departure.

  1. Luggage size

Usually every airline company have slightly different measurements for cabin and check-in luggage. I always go to visit their websites to check the requirements before start packing. It was amazing feeling, when I lived in China and was ready to pack my things for returning home and I discovered Qatar airways extended their weight limit- with new 30 kg I was able to pack everything.


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